BBC Documentary
03 Oct 2013

BBC Television is making a documentary series about Harley Street and is looking for patients seeking fertility treatment who might be willing to participate.

The series will consist of three warm-hearted and thoughtful one-hour films, which will tell interesting, informative and moving stories, told by doctors and their patients. Dr Zhai and the Zhai Clinic have agreed in principle to take part in the series, as we are very interested in featuring Dr Zhai’s work with Chinese medicine as part of the documentary.

The production team is hoping it will be possible to film consultations with patients at the clinic and to follow patients throughout their fertility treatment. Obviously, issues of fertility can be a very sensitive matter and this will be approached with great care and discretion. No filming will take place without the consent of all those involved.

If you are a new patient planning on visiting The Zhai Clinic for an appointment and would like to find out more about this documentary project with a view to being involved, the BBC production team would be very interested to hear from you.

At this stage, they would just like to have a confidential research chat over the phone, with no obligation to take part. To find out more, please contact Lauren Rowles.

Telephone; 07738 854960