Yin and Yang – Understanding Body Balance
29 Feb 2016

Extract from Dr Zhai’s book How to get pregnant   When yin and yang are out of balance, the problem is described as displaying either an excess syndrome or a deficient syndrome.   Excess syndrome   This occurs when there is over activity in the body’s organs, in the case of illness (especially an infection) […]

Update on our patient featured on BBC2 Inside Harley Street Documentary
12 Aug 2015
Great news for our patient featured on the BBC2 documentary Inside Harley Street. “Just to share with you my good news. I have safely delivered my baby girl on 05th July 2015. Born at 2.43kg and 48 cm (small baby but perfect!  I cannot express enough my gratefulness for your care and assistance in making […]
Helping you to become pregnant
10 Jun 2015

 Xiao-Ping Zhai gives fertility advice and explains the options available to couples who are trying to conceive.   Having a baby should be the most natural thing in the world but for many people it is not always the simplest. Sometimes, when you decide you are ready to start a family, you discover that your […]

Eating for fertility
02 Apr 2015

Eating a healthy diet is essential for both women and men – especially when you are trying to conceive. It is not only the woman who needs to keep her body in peak condition to conceive and nourish a developing baby; the man, too, needs to stay nutrition-conscious, in order to keep sperm production at […]

The Zang and Fu organs of the body in TCM
04 Mar 2015

Extract from Dr Zhai’s book   When a TCM practitioner begins a diagnosis he or she will use ‘organ phenomenon’ theory to view the whole body, which encompasses the anatomy, physiology, pathology, type identification and healing principles of the main organs. Organ phenomenon theory is widely used in diagnosis and treatment and it associates the […]

Excessive Heat in the Blood is not unusual in cases of infertility

  Extract from Dr Zhai’s book   Excessive Heat in the Blood is not unusual in cases of infertility. It is most often associated with patients who show signs of:   • Peri-menopausal symptoms with short menstrual cycles • Raised FSH levels • A poor response to IVF stimulation (see below)   Signs and symptoms […]

The theory of yin and yang
02 Mar 2015

Extract from Dr Zhai’s book   The key to health in TCM is achieving and maintaining balance, especially the balance of ‘essential energies’ that flow through the body and are responsible for the harmonious working of the interrelated essential organs. In particular, TCM seeks to balance yin and yang energies.   Yin and yang are […]

Understanding the nature of Qi is the cornerstone of understanding TCM
18 Feb 2015
Extract from Dr Zhai’s book How to get pregnant   Vital energy: the nature of qi   Yin-yang also encompasses the body’s metabolism and describes the balance between anabolic functions (that build up body tissue) and catabolic functions (that generate physical energy). Healthy physiology and metabolism depend on a steady supply of vital energy or qi (pronounced ‘chi’) that […]
Traditional Chinese Medicine: The causes of health problems and disease
13 Feb 2015

Extract from Dr Zhai’s book How to get pregnant   THE CONSTITUTION   According to traditional Chinese practice, there are both internal and external causes of health problems and disease. Broadly speaking, any kind of extreme stimulation or emotional suppression will interrupt qi (energy flow) and will have a resulting impact on the essential organs of […]

Why do we stigmatise men and their sperm?
05 Nov 2014

The Daily Telegraph, 30 October 2014 “For one leading fertility doctor, this social reticence is evidenced on a daily basis in the patient room. Dr Xiao-Ping Zhai, who is the figurehead behind Make Fertility Conceivable, a national campaign that aims to end the stigma attached to male infertility, says few men visit her clinic of […]

Dr Zhai speaks to Siobhan Boucher, presenter of the Fertility and Beyond show at Natural Health Radio
15 Sep 2014
In this interview Dr Zhai explains how the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) approach has helped couples to conceive. She talks of their stories and the importance of taking time to understand their individual needs and the issues affecting their reproductive health and then applying these facts to help with the appropriate diagnoses and subsequent treatment […]
UK national campaign launched to tackle the issue of male infertility
20 Aug 2014

Press release                                                                                        20th August 2014   UK national campaign launched to tackle […]

IVF is not always best: Women deserve a choice
22 May 2014

There are far more effective treatments than IVF and a controlled clinical study of one option is now urgently needed to give women a fair chance of pregnancy, writes Dr Xiao-Ping ZhaiWomen have recently received some extremely important and authoritative warnings about the low success rates of IVF treatment, especially after they reach the age […]

Bacon lowers sperm count, fish improves it
15 Oct 2013

Researchers found that men who regularly ate processed meat had significantly lower amounts of normal sperm, compared with those who limited the amount of foods like bacon, sausages, hamburgers, ham and mince.On average, those who ate the equivalent of less than a rasher of bacon a day had 30 per cent more normal sperm than […]

BBC Documentary
03 Oct 2013

BBC Television is making a documentary series about Harley Street and is looking for patients seeking fertility treatment who might be willing to participate.The series will consist of three warm-hearted and thoughtful one-hour films, which will tell interesting, informative and moving stories, told by doctors and their patients. Dr Zhai and the Zhai Clinic have […]

The Fertility Show – Olympia, London
06 Sep 2013

Visit the show if…You’ve just started trying for a babyYou’ve heard how lifestyle changes can help you conceiveYou want to know how you can boost your fertilityYou want to find out how fertile you are You want to find out if there’s a problemYou want to know what treatments existYou want to know what the NHS […]

National Fertility Week 28/10/2013 – 3/11/2013
05 Sep 2013

Coming out of the closet: Why we need National Infertility Awareness Week: Although 1 in 6 couples in the UK today – that’s around 3.5 million people – face a range of problems trying to conceive a child, many still don’t wish to share the heartache with others and tell people that they are undergoing some […]

Mayonnaise miracle babies! They’d endured 150 IVF attempts – and been told to give up hope.
12 Jul 2013

But after controversial jabs of egg yolk and oil, they’re mums at last.A recent article in the Daily Mail features six women who claim to have conceived through the controversial Immunomodulation Therapy method after failing numerous IVF cycles. The therapy is said to work by flooding the bloodstreams of women with fatty acids, which reduce […]

Happy 20th Anniversary to The Zhai Clinic! 1993 – 2013
01 Jul 2013

This month, The Zhai Clinic is celebrating its 20th Anniversary. Founded in 1993 by Dr Zhai, The Zhai Clinic has helped thousands of couples to get pregnant over the past 20 years. As 2013 looks to be the bumper year for bumps, with over 20,000 more births expected this year than last in the UK, […]

Kate Middleton attends her last solo royal engagement before the birth of her baby
13 Jun 2013

Dr Zhai comments: “The Duchess of Cambridge has been constantly under the spotlight since the announcement of her pregnancy last year- everything from the size of her bump to her maternity clothes has been reported on. I think she has handled the pressure from the media very well and now deserves a much needed break […]

British Ad Campaign to Scare Women Into Having Babies Younger
30 May 2013

The campaign, which is sponsored by pregnancy testing company First Response, believes the solution to the trend of British women waiting longer to have children is to criticise them and prey on their fears of aging.The average British woman now has her first child at the age of 30 with their motives to wait including: […]

“I’m 45 and desperate for a third child”: TV presenter Kate Garraway says she’ll always regret not starting a family earlier
23 May 2013

In a recent article in the Daily Mail, TV presenter Kate Garraway discusses her desire for a third child at the age of 45. She had her first child at 38 and says she regrets not having children at an earlier age, which is why she has chosen to support the First Response Get Britain […]

Let’s celebrate the miracle of birth but be honest about hard choices
28 Apr 2013

Doctors now have the ability to alter the odds of birth, life and death through modern technology and medical advancements. However, the feature highlights the point of: just because doctors have the ability to stage a medical intervention for these babies, is that reason enough to do so? Should the NHS invest in these babies […]

Women over 40 to get IVF on the NHS for the first time under new guidelines due this week and lesbian couples could also benefit
18 Apr 2013

Current advice, from 2004, recommends the taxpayer to stop funding IVF at the age of 39. A draft of overhauled guidance from the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence also suggests raising the age limit to 42 for some women who have not had fertility treatment before and have no other chance of having […]

I wish IVF had never been invented it’s brought joy to so many. But, as the scientist behind IVF dies, SAMANTHA BRICK says it’s given her nothing but heartache…
15 Apr 2013

Following the death of IVF creator Sir Robert Edwards, journalist Samantha Brick reveals her frustration and heartache over her own failed IVF attempts. Dr Zhai comments on the limitations of IVF. This is a very important point raised by Samantha Brick. Although I support the invention of IVF as it does offer some struggling couples another […]

My torment at losing my third baby… and nearly dying: Gwyneth Paltrow
17 Mar 2013

In a recent article in the Daily Mail, Gwyneth Paltrow discusses her traumatic miscarriage during her third pregnancy. Although she wishes for another child, she feels that at 40 and with two children, ages 7 and 8, she has now missed her chance and is passed the “baby phase” in her life. Here, Dr Zhai […]

Nicola spent £40,000 on failed IVF then got pregnant naturally. So was she victim of a cruel con?
16 Jan 2013

Here Dr Zhai comments on why this might have happened:I see a lot of cases like this one and it is not uncommon at all. At The Zhai Clinic, we always see both partners and carry out comprehensive diagnostic tests at the very beginning of the treatment, even if the male partner has a recognized […]

IVF blood clot alert: Women pregnant as a result of fertility treatment ‘have higher embolism risk’

Here Dr Zhai comments:“It would be better if the study had some proof first before alerting the media of a possible risk to pregnant women who have undergone fertility treatments. I believe it is still too early to tell if this is an actual issue as it is an isolated study. People who conceive naturally […]