Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Can i take TCM while undergoing assisted fertility procedures like IVF?

Yes, it is possible to combine TCM with assisted fertility procedures. We ask you to inform us of any forthcoming IVF, IUI etc so that your treatment plan can be modified accordingly to coincide with your assisted fertility treatment cycle. When planning assisted fertility treatment, we recommend that you let your fertility clinic know that you are also having treatment at our clinic.F, IUI etc so that your treatment plan can be modified accordingly to coincide with your assisted fertility treatment cycle. When planning assisted fertility treatment, we recommend that you let your fertility clinic know that you are also having treatment at our clinic.

Are there any side effects?

Our patients do not normally suffer from side effects. But we encourage them to let us know if they do feel unwell so that we can try and help. It is not advisable to take Traditional Chinese Medicine if you are suffering from a cold, cystitis or if taking antibiotics.

Is acupuncture painful?

The majority of our patients find the acupuncture so relaxing that they often fall asleep. If a needle was to cause discomfort, our practitioners are always available to make you more comfortable.

Who perfoms the acupuncture treatment?

We have fully qualified TCM Practitioners who will carry out your treatment.

How long is an appointment?

Initial consultations are 1 hour. Follow up appointments are generally 50 minutes long. This includes an approximately 10-15 minute consultation, with the remaining time for your acupuncture.

How often do I need to come?

Most of our patients, who live or work in London, normally come every two weeks; outside London and up to Yorkshire, they normally come every three weeks and patients from Scotland and Ireland attend every four weeks. Our patients from Europe will come every four to six weeks and so this all depends on the individual circumstances and how they can manage their appointments around work and life.

We would like to let you know what is involved in a follow up consultation.

During this appointment, we normally spend 10-15 minutes assessing how you are getting on with the herbs we have prescribed. We will also monitor the progress you have made by evaluating your temperature chart, your pulse and tongue, as well as some general health questions. We will then prescribe further herbal medication for you based on this evaluation. The whole process is about reviewing and re-formulating and we will then offer you a session of acupuncture with no extra cost.

I am having IVF, should I have more acupuncture?

Many patients have asked us to provide acupuncture during their IVF treatment. We have therefore designed a three-session package for couples who wish to combine IVF with the relaxing benefits of acupuncture.

For more information please see ‘TCM and Assisted conception’ under ‘About Your Treatment’

What can I do to take the taste of the herbal tea away?

Some Chinese medicine can taste quite bitter and we suggest having some raisins, a mint or a few rinses of water after you have drunk your herbal tea. We do not recommend that you add anything, such as honey, to the tea itself, as invariably it will not make a difference to the taste and we believe can affect the potency of the medicine.

Can I take the tea if i have a cold?

We do not recommend that you drink the tea if you are suffering from a cold, as this can occasionally aggravate symptoms. And we always advise patients to contact us if they feel unwell during treatment so we can advise them on the best course of action. If cold symptoms persist, it is possible to have an appointment to see if we can help relieve them

My GP can not arrange investigations for me, can you help?

From time to time, it may be necessary to have an investigation or blood test. We work with a select few laboratories and clinics in Harley Street who can perform these tests for a fee, if your GP can not arrange them for you.

What should I expect at the inital consultation?

The initial consultation takes approximately one hour. It involves a diagnostic interview, which includes questions about your medical history, previous investigations and general health and there will be plenty of time to discuss your past gynaecological history and fertility treatments. The senior TCM practitioner will talk you through exactly what is involved with TCM treatment and explain any recommended tests or investigations and will then create a treatment plan for you. Unfortunately, it is not possible to have acupuncture on the day of your initial consultation.

What is the typical patient experience and how long does their treatment last?

The length and course of treatment depends on many factors. 869 of our patients who followed our recommended treatment programme; 39% conceived within six months, 46% conceived within one year and 15% took up to a year or two. However the average length of treatment is 10-12 months. We usually continue to take care of our pregnant women until 13 weeks of pregnancy or – in the case of recurrent miscarriages – until the time at which your latest miscarriage occurred has passed.

Can I have acupuncture elsewhere?

We recommend and prefer to provide the herbal medication and acupuncture ourselves, as it will be easier for us to monitor any changes. If a patient were to have acupuncture elsewhere, it would be difficult for us to monitor as different practitioners practice differently.