Fertility chart

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A temperature chart is a very simple and traditional way to monitor a woman’s ovary behaviour and to help to understand the individual. It is particularly very helpful to see it changing during the treatment. We would like to recommend you use the Fertility Thermometer for the best advantage. It is important to read and record the temperature accurately, although it is unlikely that your pattern will look like that in the sample.
A woman’s early morning temperature is usually lower during the first half of the menstrual cycle than it is in the second half, though the difference may be only a fraction of a degree.

Directions for use:

1. Before retiring to bed each evening, ensure that the mercury column of the thermometer has been reset below or 36oC.
2. Place within easy reach of the bedside.
3. Upon waking each morning, before talking, eating, drinking, smoking, or getting out of bed, take your temperature orally. Leaving the thermometer in place for at least 5 minutes.
4. Remove and read thermometer carefully to one sub division and record on the current chart.

How to use the temperature chart:

1. Record Name and calendar dates on top of chart, adding calendar dates.
2. Begin a new chart as soon as menstruation has started.
3. Record your temperature each morning, by making a dot on the chart at the temperature indicated on the thermometer. As soon as there is more than one dot on the chart, join them together with a straight line in order to bring the temperature record up to date.
4. Should a disturbed night occur, a cold, sore throat or attack of indigestion, mark this, or anything similar, alongside the dot.
5. Whenever bleeding or intercourse occurs, record with a cross in the space provided.

How to look after the thermometer:

After use always wash the thermometer in cold water. NEVER HOT. Warning  Every precaution should be taken to prevent either breaking or displacement of the thermometer whilst in use.