Let’s celebrate the miracle of birth but be honest about hard choices
28 avril 2013

Doctors now have the ability to alter the odds of birth, life and death through modern technology and medical advancements. However, the feature highlights the point of: just because doctors have the ability to stage a medical intervention for these babies, is that reason enough to do so? Should the NHS invest in these babies […]

Women over 40 to get IVF on the NHS for the first time under new guidelines due this week and lesbian couples could also benefit
18 avril 2013

Current advice, from 2004, recommends the taxpayer to stop funding IVF at the age of 39. A draft of overhauled guidance from the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence also suggests raising the age limit to 42 for some women who have not had fertility treatment before and have no other chance of having […]

I wish IVF had never been invented it’s brought joy to so many. But, as the scientist behind IVF dies, SAMANTHA BRICK says it’s given her nothing but heartache…
15 avril 2013

Following the death of IVF creator Sir Robert Edwards, journalist Samantha Brick reveals her frustration and heartache over her own failed IVF attempts. Dr Zhai comments on the limitations of IVF. This is a very important point raised by Samantha Brick. Although I support the invention of IVF as it does offer some struggling couples another […]