Mayonnaise miracle babies! They’d endured 150 IVF attempts – and been told to give up hope.
12 juil. 2013

But after controversial jabs of egg yolk and oil, they’re mums at last.A recent article in the Daily Mail features six women who claim to have conceived through the controversial Immunomodulation Therapy method after failing numerous IVF cycles. The therapy is said to work by flooding the bloodstreams of women with fatty acids, which reduce […]

Happy 20th Anniversary to The Zhai Clinic! 1993 – 2013
01 juil. 2013

This month, The Zhai Clinic is celebrating its 20th Anniversary. Founded in 1993 by Dr Zhai, The Zhai Clinic has helped thousands of couples to get pregnant over the past 20 years. As 2013 looks to be the bumper year for bumps, with over 20,000 more births expected this year than last in the UK, […]