Understanding the nature of Qi is the cornerstone of understanding TCM
18 févr. 2015
Extract from Dr Zhai’s book How to get pregnant   Vital energy: the nature of qi   Yin-yang also encompasses the body’s metabolism and describes the balance between anabolic functions (that build up body tissue) and catabolic functions (that generate physical energy). Healthy physiology and metabolism depend on a steady supply of vital energy or qi (pronounced ‘chi’) that […]
Traditional Chinese Medicine: The causes of health problems and disease
13 févr. 2015

Extract from Dr Zhai’s book How to get pregnant   THE CONSTITUTION   According to traditional Chinese practice, there are both internal and external causes of health problems and disease. Broadly speaking, any kind of extreme stimulation or emotional suppression will interrupt qi (energy flow) and will have a resulting impact on the essential organs of […]