Yin and Yang – Understanding Body Balance
29 févr. 2016

Extract from Dr Zhai’s book How to get pregnant


When yin and yang are out of balance, the problem is described as displaying either an excess syndrome or a deficient syndrome.


Excess syndrome


This occurs when there is over activity in the body’s organs, in the case of illness (especially an infection) or when there is a blockage of some kind so there may be pathogens present (bacteria or germs). Excess syndrome is treated with the clearing or reducing method, which is designed to reduce the impact of toxicity and overload on the body.


Deficient syndrome


This occurs when the body is lacking something – for example, the body may be qi deficient (lacking in energy or suffering from overuse). Deficient syndrome is treated with the nourishing or tonifying method, designed to build up the depleted functions of the body. In TCM the aim is always to remove excess and replenish deficiency in order to maintain balance in the body. As we look at treating fertility problems with TCM, we’ll see how an imbalance in yin and yang is involved in every aspect of the reproductive process, from the Western diagnosis, laboratory tests, menstrual cycles and sperm production to the successful implantation and maintenance of a healthy pregnancy.


Where the Western treatment might induce ovulation to stimulate the reproductive system, Chinese medicine encourages the body to restore its own equilibrium.