I wish IVF had never been invented it’s brought joy to so many. But, as the scientist behind IVF dies, SAMANTHA BRICK says it’s given her nothing but heartache…
15 Apr 2013

Following the death of IVF creator Sir Robert Edwards, journalist Samantha Brick reveals her frustration and heartache over her own failed IVF attempts. 

Dr Zhai comments on the limitations of IVF. This is a very important point raised by Samantha Brick. Although I support the invention of IVF as it does offer some struggling couples another option to conceive, it is very invasive, expensive and the majority of women who undergo treatment are unable to conceive even after going through several rounds. Clearly, medical professionals need to be more realistic about the limitations of IVF and recognize the downside to the treatment- most notably, the emotional, physical and financial stresses it puts on the couples. IVF may help to increase the chance of bypass fertilisation particularly for those who have blocked fallopian tubes, low sperm count or poor egg quality. However, the treatment programme at The Zhai Clinic offers a Whole-Body Approach to get couples in the optimal shape to conceive in order for them to conceive naturally or with assisted fertility treatments. At The Zhai Clinic, once the diagnosis has been made, we create bespoke treatment plans for our individual patients that involve Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatments including acupuncture and herbal medicines, health, lifestyle and dietary modifications. The Zhai Clinic belief is that the focus should be on improving and creating the normal function of the patient’s reproductive system. We first begin with comprehensive diagnosis techniques to determine the underlying cause of the fertility issue, which includes conventional diagnosis/investigation and personal assessment. After a thorough assessment, we recommend specific lifestyle modifications to the couple including maintaining a healthy, balanced diet, engaging in regular, moderate exercise, taking fertility supplements to boost fertility, getting plenty of rest, reducing stress levels and not planning sexual intercourse. However, the most important aspect of our Programme is the TCM treatment that the patient undergoes. 

Chinese herbal medicines have been used in many Asian countries for over 5,000 years. At The Zhai Clinic, we create unique combinations for our patients from many herbs, as each herb has 
individual healing properties. The bespoke herbal prescriptions come in the form of teas, tablets or granules. In addition to herbal medicines, we design acupuncture treatment plans to 
promote your body’s natural healing response in order to rebalance its Qi. By targeting specific points in your body that are “blocked,” we can clear and heal the area that is causing 
your fertility problems. Whatever the nature of the fertility issue, TCM can optimise patients’ chances of conceiving.