Kate Middleton attends her last solo royal engagement before the birth of her baby
13 Jun 2013

Dr Zhai comments: “The Duchess of Cambridge has been constantly under the spotlight since the announcement of her pregnancy last year- everything from the size of her bump to her maternity clothes has been reported on. I think she has handled the pressure from the media very well and now deserves a much needed break before the birth of her baby.

It is important for Kate to get plenty of sleep, to stay hydrated and eat nutritious, balanced meals before giving birth. She should be eating foods rich in protein, vitamin C, folic acid and iron. Her calcium intake is very important as the baby’s bones will be soaking up a lot of calcium as the skeleton hardens and Omega-3 intake is important for the visual and cognitive development of the baby. 

If she is feeling a bit tired, I highly-recommend her having TCM treatments as acupuncture is an excellent energy booster and stress reliever. Overexertion and stress interrupts the smooth flow of energy throughout the body causing “blockages,” which create tension or pain in the body. By targeting specific acupuncture points that are blocked, TCM and acupuncture are able to clear and heal the area that is causing you stress. Acupuncture also reduces stress by releasing endorphins, which are natural pain-killing chemicals in the brain, and calms the body by lowering your blood pressure, relaxing your muscles and decreasing your heart rate. In addition, acupuncture is effective in treating sleeplessness, back pain and swelling, which Kate may be suffering from as she gets closer to her due date.”