Let’s celebrate the miracle of birth but be honest about hard choices
28 Apr 2013

Doctors now have the ability to alter the odds of birth, life and death through modern technology and medical advancements. However, the feature highlights the point of: just because doctors have the ability to stage a medical intervention for these babies, is that reason enough to do so? Should the NHS invest in these babies and save them at any cost? 

Here, Dr Zhai comments on the NHS’ current recommendation for fertility treatment and the genetic consequences that may arise with babies conceived via IVF. 

Dr Zhai comments: 

“In the UK, Assisted Fertility Treatment remains the first recommended source of action for couples who are having difficulty conceiving, but this may not be the most appropriate choice of treatment in all cases. There is a huge financial cost for both the individual and the NHS, not to mention the physical and emotional stress on the infertile couples.

What many do not know is that Assisted Fertility Treatment may overcome infertility via fertilisation outside the human body, but it cannot improve the quality of the egg and sperm. No one asks the question regarding the genetic makeup of the egg or sperm, thus potentially putting their future children’s health at risk. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatments such as acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicines can promote a human body’s natural healing response to correct the function of the internal system and organs. In terms of this, the human body chromosome abnormality make up can also be reduced. Thus promoting a healthy environment and body system which, in turn, promotes the growth of a healthy foetus. 

No Assisted Fertility Treatment can improve the quality of the egg or sperm; medical doctors can only select the healthiest from what the man and woman are able to produce. This is why The Zhai Clinic’s initial focus is on improving the couples normal function of the reproductive system- ensuring that the body is functioning well enough to be able to conceive and maintain a pregnancy before subjecting the body to the rigours of Assisted Fertility Treatment. At The Zhai Clinic, we create bespoke treatment plans for our patients that involve TCM and lifestyle modifications including nutrition, exercise and stress management to name a few, giving our patients a Whole-Body Approach to their health. Whatever the nature of the fertility issue, The Zhai Clinic uses its treatment programmes to optimize the chances of conceiving whether naturally or combined with Assisted Fertility Treatment.”