Dr Zhai speaks to Siobhan Boucher, presenter of the Fertility and Beyond show at Natural Health Radio
15 Sep 2014

In this interview Dr Zhai explains how the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) approach has helped couples to conceive. She talks of their stories and the importance of taking time to understand their individual needs and the issues affecting their reproductive health and then applying these facts to help with the appropriate diagnoses and subsequent treatment through TCM.

Dr Zhai strongly argues the importance of choice and being informed of the options over and above IVF. She highlights that in many cases IVF is not the right option, often resulting in disappointment and despair. So being made aware of the alternative forms of treatment is vital: “People do have options and they need to know about them”, she says.

She goes on to explain such details as to how TCM can improve the quality of reproductive health and receptiveness to conceive and how women, in many ways, can strengthen their bodies to ensure a successful pregnancy through to birth. She also covers off issues such as how to avoid miscarriage and dealing with problems like polycystic ovaries or just being older.

In the interview she also touches on the infertility issues for men and the dramatic improvements she has witnessed from them addressing their fertility challenges through TCM treatment.

The key message for Dr Zhai in this interview is her passion to bring about change and ensuring that people do know about the options they have available to them in the terms of treatment, and increased awareness around these. “IVF and assisted fertility treatment is not the only solution”, she stresses.