Nicola spent £40,000 on failed IVF then got pregnant naturally. So was she victim of a cruel con?
16 Jan 2013

Here Dr Zhai comments on why this might have happened:

I see a lot of cases like this one and it is not uncommon at all. At The Zhai Clinic, we always see both partners and carry out comprehensive diagnostic tests at the very beginning of the treatment, even if the male partner has a recognized problem such as a vasectomy, low sperm count or low motility. We would never want to treat the man without thoroughly checking if the woman needs attention and help too. Therefore, we hope we may have spotted the problem earlier. So often, due to the male infertility problem raised, couples embark on ICSI, without someone monitoring both the male and female throughout the ICSI cycle, where it may be found that the female has a low response or poor egg quality. In many cases, the clinic orders even more tests on both partners, if the implantation is not taking place, not realising the egg and sperm quality are the key and that a human body needs to be functioning well to provide.

I have mixed feelings about NHS IVF treatments for women who find it difficult to conceive. For an established career woman in her late 30s or 40s who is just now thinking about starting a family, it might be a little too late for her as her ovarian function and egg quality may be a problem. The NHS IVF treatments can offer women a chance, but the way NHS IVF operates is not realistic. The NHS IVF treatments can sometimes be very inflexible with short time restrictions due to the funding availability limitations. Therefore, patients may have to undergo one cycle after another in a short space of time, whether they are responsive to it or not. A woman needs to be in a good place in her mind and body in order to respond well to the IVF treatment or to conceive. Therefore, the woman may not be ready for fast-paced treatments, due to the funding limitations, and the pressure can be too much for her to handle. By going to a private clinic, the woman may have her treatments a bit more tailored and it will give her a better chance to undergo the IVF treatment.
IVF is a very good tool to help couples to achieve a pregnancy, particularly for those who are mechanically unable to conceive naturally. However, it can’t replace a human natural body. How a human reproductive system works should not be isolated. You must implement the whole body approach to make the reproductive human body work well.