TCM treatment programme and acupuncture support during IVF

Fertility MOT Check:

This is a family planning programme designed for couples who are planning for a family or thinking of trying for a pregnancy in the near future.  The programme will give you some ideas of your fertility fitness.

For women:

a) Basic line hormonal test = Regular hormone level checks are carried out as a matter of routine to monitor patient’s status and to monitor ovulation and conception.  All blood tests e.g. FSH, LH, Prolactin, Oestradiol, Antimullerian hormone, and progesterone can be easily organised through an associate laboratory.

b) Pelvic ultrasound scan = Carried out to identify issues with your lower abdominal and pelvic organs, such as your bladder, ovaries or uterus.

c) Fallopian tubal patency test = An examination carried out to determine whether the fallopian tubes are clear and whether there are any abnormalities in the uterine cavity.

For men: Semen analysis.
(Further investigations are recommended on a case by case basis, as necessary).

Comprehensive TCM treatment programme for women:

This programme is designed for women who intend to have a comprehensive TCM fertility treatment to help them to achieve a pregnancy either naturally or combined with assisted fertility treatment.

The length and course of treatment depends on many factors. 869 of our patients who followed our recommended treatment programme; 39% conceived within six months, 46% conceived within one year and 15% took up to a year or two.  However the average length of treatment is 10-12 months. We usually continue to take care of our pregnant women until 13 weeks of pregnancy or – in the case of recurrent miscarriages – until the time at which your latest miscarriage occurred has passed.

The more often you are able to attend our clinic, the more individual attention we can give you and the more progress we can make, most commonly patient’s visit us every two weeks  who live in London and every three weeks outside of London.  However, we understand that the frequency of follow-up consultations depends on where a patient lives, their individual circumstances and how they can manage their appointments around their everyday life and work.

12-Weeks Express Preparation Programme for Women:

Our programme is designed for women who want to undergo Assisted Fertility Treatment or frozen embryo transfer who  wish to optimise their chances of success for their forthcoming treatment.

Frozen embryos transfer is part of the IVF programme to support your abdominal system.  We recommend that you undergo the comprehensive TCM treatment for at least three months prior to the frozen embryo transfer.

The programme consists of 12 weeks of herbal remedy and six sessions of acupuncture, aiming to improve the abdominal blood flow providing that there is no particular issue with the quality of the egg.  This programme is unsuitable for women with severe fertility problems such as poor ovarian reserve or PCO, which is when the egg production and egg quality is an issue. 


12-Week Express Preparation Programme for Men:

This 12-week programme is suitable for men who may have been diagnosed with fertility issues. The programme aims to improve sperm quality and quantity prior to Assisted Fertility Treatment.
(This programme is unsuitable for men with severe sperm production problems).

The TCM treatment assessment is free when you accompany your partner to her appointment.

Acupuncture support during your IVF programme:

This programme consists of three-session package to assist couples who are seeking help with acupuncture whilst undergoing an IVF programme.
(At the Zhai Clinic we believe that a successful outcome of assisted fertility treatment is not solely based on a few sessions of acupuncture as the aim of these is to improve the blood supply and relax the patient during IVF.  More often, improving egg/sperm quality is the most important factor, which acupuncture cannot achieve alone.)

Treatment once you become pregnant:

We routinely care of our pregnant patient’s until they are in their 13th week of pregnancy; or in the case of recurrent miscarriage, until a point beyond which their last miscarriage occurred.  In most cases, herbal remedy can be suspended once you reached to 13 weeks pregnant.  However, many of our patients like to continue with acupuncture throughout their pregnancy.

Consultation before the due date:

We recommend patient’s return to see us just between four to six weeks before the due date if you are intend to conceive again.  The practitioners will check your general wellbeing and review your herbal mixture for you to take immediately after giving birth.  The herbal mixture intends to help your uterus to recover quicker.