Women over 40 to get IVF on the NHS for the first time under new guidelines due this week and lesbian couples could also benefit
18 Apr 2013

Current advice, from 2004, recommends the taxpayer to stop funding IVF at the age of 39. A draft of overhauled guidance from the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence also suggests raising the age limit to 42 for some women who have not had fertility treatment before and have no other chance of having a baby.

Here Dr Zhai comments on the new NHS guidlines for IVF:

“The good news is women over 40 could get free IVF on NHS. The sad news is when a woman is older, the problem is the ovarian function declines, which reflects on the egg quality and the quantity also drops. IVF is unable to help improve the ovarian function or overcome the sperm and egg quality issue, which is the main problem for older women unable to conceive. The UK is a very wealthy country and has large funding available, but there are so few options available to infertile couples apart from assisted fertility treatment. While it is fantastic news that the NHS are funding IVF for women over 40 for the first time, it would be great to see some of the support directed at other fertility treatments.”