Yin and Yang – Understanding Body Balance
29 2月 2016

Extract from Dr Zhai’s book How to get pregnant & […]

Update on our patient featured on BBC2 Inside Harley Street Documentary
12 8月 2015
Great news for our patient featured on the BBC2 documen […]
Helping you to become pregnant
10 6月 2015

 Xiao-Ping Zhai gives fertility advice and explains the […]

Eating for fertility
02 4月 2015

Eating a healthy diet is essential for both women and m […]

The Zang and Fu organs of the body in TCM
04 3月 2015

Extract from Dr Zhai’s book   When a TCM pra […]

Excessive Heat in the Blood is not unusual in cases of infertility

  Extract from Dr Zhai’s book   Excessi […]

The theory of yin and yang
02 3月 2015

Extract from Dr Zhai’s book   The key to hea […]

Understanding the nature of Qi is the cornerstone of understanding TCM
18 2月 2015
Extract from Dr Zhai’s book How to get pregnant   Vital […]
Traditional Chinese Medicine: The causes of health problems and disease
13 2月 2015

Extract from Dr Zhai’s book How to get pregnant   […]

Why do we stigmatise men and their sperm?
05 11月 2014

The Daily Telegraph, 30 October 2014 “For one leading f […]

Dr Zhai speaks to Siobhan Boucher, presenter of the Fertility and Beyond show at Natural Health Radio
15 9月 2014
In this interview Dr Zhai explains how the traditional […]
UK national campaign launched to tackle the issue of male infertility
20 8月 2014

Press release                                           […]

IVF is not always best: Women deserve a choice
22 5月 2014

There are far more effective treatments than IVF and a […]

Bacon lowers sperm count, fish improves it
15 10月 2013

Researchers found that men who regularly ate processed […]

BBC Documentary
03 10月 2013

BBC Television is making a documentary series about Har […]

The Fertility Show – Olympia, London
06 9月 2013

Visit the show if…You’ve just started tryin […]

National Fertility Week 28/10/2013 – 3/11/2013
05 9月 2013

Coming out of the closet: Why we need National Infertil […]

Mayonnaise miracle babies! They’d endured 150 IVF attempts – and been told to give up hope.
12 7月 2013

But after controversial jabs of egg yolk and oil, they’ […]

Happy 20th Anniversary to The Zhai Clinic! 1993 – 2013
01 7月 2013

This month, The Zhai Clinic is celebrating its 20th Ann […]

Kate Middleton attends her last solo royal engagement before the birth of her baby
13 6月 2013

Dr Zhai comments: “The Duchess of Cambridge has been co […]

British Ad Campaign to Scare Women Into Having Babies Younger
30 5月 2013

The campaign, which is sponsored by pregnancy testing c […]

Let’s celebrate the miracle of birth but be honest about hard choices
28 4月 2013

Doctors now have the ability to alter the odds of birth […]

My torment at losing my third baby… and nearly dying: Gwyneth Paltrow
17 3月 2013

In a recent article in the Daily Mail, Gwyneth Paltrow […]

Nicola spent £40,000 on failed IVF then got pregnant naturally. So was she victim of a cruel con?
16 1月 2013

Here Dr Zhai comments on why this might have happened:I […]