À propos de la clinique

The Zhai Clinic was founded in 1993 by Xiao-Ping Zhai, MD, FRSM, FATCM (UK). Doctor in Traditional Chinese Medicine and a Fertility Specialist. The Clinic has established a worldwide reputation over its 25 years on Harley Street, London’s world-renowned medical district. During the Covid-19 pandemic, none of its patients had to stop their treatments. Instead the clinic’s online consultancy, which had become increasingly popular to patients from outside the UK, was offered to all patients. The clinic has now moved to a fully online service – an innovation which has been welcomed by all and delighted many.

Xiao-Ping Zhai is the only fertility expert in the UK who combines Western medical training with TCM. Dr Zhai first qualified and practised as a paediatrician in Goungzhou, China, and later studied TCM at Guangzhou TCM University. She has devoted the majority of her career to promoting research on the role of TCM in reproductive medicine.

Dr Zhai has specialised in reproductive TCM for more than 25 years, garnering much praise from patients and physicians for her work and dedication. She is a fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, a Lifetime Honoured fellow of the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture UK (ATCM), and a member of the British Fertility Society. In addition, she has been voted one of Britain’s 225 Best Private Doctors by Tatler magazine and in the top 10 of Top Santé magazine’s 100 Hottest Health Gurus in Female and Reproductive Health.

Dr Zhai’s work has attracted widespread journalistic interest. She regularly contributes to professional journals and has been featured on radio and television, and in national newspapers and magazines.

Her book, How to Get Pregnant (Hamlyn/Octopus), was published in June 2012 and is available to buy on Amazon and at major bookshops.