Informazioni su TCM

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Informazioni su TCM

In the West, clinicians are primarily trained to look for, diagnose, and treat acute health conditions. The issue with this approach is that acute conditions are usually the manifestation of underlying problems. And they will keep recurring until the underlying problem is resolved.

Think of a house with damp: no amount of cleaning, applying sealant, plastering or painting will actually fix the problem. Regardless of whether we can see the damp and mould, it will continue to exist until the root cause is found and remedied.

The same rules apply when treating the body.

For over 5000 years, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been looking at the body holistically, as an integrated system. Improving the flow of energy, known as Qi or chi, through the body’s meridians—the energy pathways that connect its organs and bodily functions. TCM rebalances the body’s yin and yang and restores its functionality by treating excesses and deficiencies that impede the healthy flow of blood and energy to the organs. It treats the underlying, chronic conditions by clearing obstructions and repairing malfunctions in the meridians and organs.


TCM practitioners diagnose patients through a combination of:

  • Asking questions about their body, medical history, and lifestyle
  • Examining their system, complexion, skin, and tongue
  • Reading their pulse


TCM treatments mainly comprise herbal medicine and acupuncture treatment, supplemented by nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle choices.

Herbal medicine heals internal organs, including the reproductive system. It is prescribed as either dry herbs or herbal granules, which are then drunk as tea.

Acupuncture stimulates and balances the body’s natural energy flow and is believed to promote the body’s natural healing abilities. The needles are very fine and rarely cause discomfort.

Using a full-body approach to health, TCM treatment is able to restore your energy balance and physical health to enhance your chances of conceiving. Unlike IVF, which can only overcome blocked fallopian tubes by fertilising the egg outside the body, TCM works to eliminate the fertility issue in your body that is keeping you from conceiving naturally or puts you in a better position to benefit from assisted fertility treatment.

TCM Best Practices

We believe the lack of regulation in the practice of TCM in the UK is an issue. We are champions of:

  • Statutory TCM qualifications, comprising a formal curriculum, examinations, and a minimum number of supervised hours of practice
  • Statutory regulation of TCM practice by a Chartered Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine and an official Code of Practice
  • Statutory regulation of Chinese herbal medicines and their sale in the UK, including a ban on the use of animal ingredients

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