Emma Phillips

03 Oct 2019

My husband and I had been trying for a baby for about 5 years when we heard about Dr Zhai. We had been advised to try IVF with ICSI for male factor fertility problems and prior to contacting Dr Zhai, we had undergone two failed cycles of IVF with ICSI at a well known private clinic. Both times, our treatment had resulted in a bio chemical pregnancy which failed to progress.

Dr Zhai’s approach was radically different to other fertility clinics and after checking our tongues and pulses, she put us both on strict diets and explained that I had “too much damp” and that my longish and sometimes irregular menstrual cycles indicated previously undetected fertility problems on my side. We also both began taking Chinese medicine and I began regular acupuncture sessions to regulate my cycles.

My periods began to regulate within six months and after a new sperm test, my husband’s treatment was discontinued. Dr Zhai continued to alter my Chinese medicine prescriptions regularly but I failed to conceive.

Just over a year after beginning TCM, I finally fell pregnant naturally but this became my third biochemical pregnancy, ending just before Christmas 2011. Dr Zhai advised us to try IVF again and we got a referral through our GP to start treatment at Guy’s Hospital Assisted Conception Unit in Spring 2012.

By this stage, we had decided that this would be our final go at IVF and that I would stop treatment with Dr Zhai shortly afterwards. I had two day 5 blastocysts transferred and continued with acupuncture sessions, as recommended.

Amazingly, this time I went on to have a healthy pregnancy and our son, Sid, was born 4 weeks early on Christmas day 2012. We remain eternally grateful to the fantastic staff at Guy’s Hospital and Dr Zhai’s team.