I’m delighted to say that I have recently had a positive pregnancy test following our most recent IVF attempt, so we are just waiting to see how things go. It’s very early days so we are still a little bit nervous (though excited!). I will be writing to Dr Zhai separately by post to express my thanks for everything I feel she has done for us. Though it seemed that in our case we needed IVF to finally get us over the line, I have no doubt that my treatment with Dr Zhai made a huge contribution to making sure it was successful when we finally did it. We are profoundly grateful to her for her expert treatment, but also for her support and kindness over the time my husband and I were both patients with her. I would also like to say a huge thanks to all the staff. You have all been so unfailingly kind, warm and helpful during our time with you and we are very grateful for that. I will be back in touch to let you know how we get on. Until then, all the very best. – Mrs B (23/04/14)