What Our Patients Say

  • “I wanted to write and let the team know that in addition to all the extremely hectic happenings in the family, I am actually now 14 weeks pregnant. It turns out the last time I was in the clinic; I was actually in the very early days of pregnancy and did not know yet. Since then, I have managed to successfully get through the first trimester and been told, at the first ultrasound, that everything is healthy and normal. I just wanted to write and say thank you to Dr Zhai and her team, not only for the gift they have given our family but also for their caring approach in consultations, (dealing with a few tears on more than one occasion!) and send my apologies for not being able to come in and share the good news in person and close out the relationship properly”. – CW

  • “I have just arrived into this world and my parents want you to know I am here. They are smiling constantly at me and seem fit enough to take care of me in the future weeks. I was born on the 19th Aug in Belgium. Also, probably for the first and last time in my life, I will let you all know my weight (3045 g) and height (53 cm). I very much look forward to meeting you all.” – EK

  • “We’re very (very, very, very !) happy to tell The Zhai Clinic that our beautiful baby girl was born four months ago. The labour was quick, it took three hours from the very first contraction until the birth itself. Everything went well. We want to thank The Zhai Clinic for all the help we’ve received.” – CL

  • “I would like to thank Dr Zhai and the whole team for genuinely making mine and my husband’s dream of a family come true. I cannot express how grateful we both are. See you on the next one 😊” -Ms A

  • “Dear Dr Zhai, Thank you so much for helping to bring me into this world. My mummy and daddy will be forever grateful and are very happy they found you when they did. Thank you for helping dreams come true. Best wishes Miss AA” -AA

  • “Still thanking you …
    As my son O approaches his 14th birthday, I know I will never forget you Dr, Zhai, without whom we would never have had our amazing son. Will never be able to thank you enough. What you do is life changing.” – DN

  • “We would like to thank you and the rest of your team for everything you did for us. It was a bit unusual to come all the way from France twice a month and drink herbal tea twice a day for a long time. But it was definitely one of the best decisions we ever made. THANK YOU!!! Please share these thanks with the rest of your team as well.” – ML

  • “I wanted to let you know that my baby daughter was born on 21st June at 10.45am weighing 2.2kgs. I would like to thank everyone at the Zhai clinic for making this possible. We could not have done it without all the support received and are eternally grateful.” – A