What To Expect

What To Expect

The Zhai Programme is a partnership between you and us—patients and fertility experts respectively.

Here is what to expect during the Programme:

A full health assessment blood test. As a first step, we ask our patients to visit their GP to secure a referral letter and organise a full blood count, liver and kidney function test. If this cannot be arranged, we will be more than happy to arrange it for you.

Your initial consultation. Your initial consultation will take approximately one hour, including questions about your medical history, previous investigations, general health, and lifestyle habits. We will assess your health condition, including and looking at your tongue’s colour and surface coating. We will discuss what is involved with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatment and explain any recommended tests or investigations if necessary.

Recommended tests. Where necessary, we organise additional tests, including:

  • For women: Hormone blood test, pelvic ultrasound, and fallopian tube potency test
  • For men: Sperm test

Your customised Programme. We use all of this information to personalise a Programme that meets your body’s needs while fitting into your daily routine and supporting the type of conception you are pursuing (natural or assisted). Your bespoke Programme will consist of a prescribed mix of Chinese herbs as well as lifestyle changes you can consider making. Acupuncture will be provided through The Zhai Clinic associates if necessary.

Basal body temperature tracking. We ask our female patients to track their basal body temperature every morning to monitor ovarian behaviour and progress during treatment. We review and discuss your charts during your follow-up appointments.

Follow-up appointments. Your follow-up appointments generally last 20 to 30 minutes. Patients are recommended to attend every four weeks, depending on their individual circumstances.